Here’s something I never thought Id say I love my job!! Becoming a freelance web designer is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Every day, and every website, is different and has new challenges.

By far the greatest thing of all is working with WordPress or rather creating with WordPress.

Right from the start of a new job and the initial introduction to a client and their business WordPress opens up a world of possibilities – what Theme and Plugins to use, what colour palette, whats the best way to display images and content.

Here are few of the reasons I use, and love, WordPress:


WordPress isnt just a blogging platform it can be transformed into a fully functional ecommerce store, a SEO driven content site, or even a membership website for paid access. It is able to support any type of website you could imagine.

Google likes it

Its SEO friendly and if Google likes it we had better listen! The WordPress platform is built in a way that allows Google to index, scan and rank sites easier than sites built on other platforms.

Some examples of this are:

  • Page load speed is a full ranking factor on mobile for Google now. This is extremely important to recognize because WordPress already has very high page load times.
  • Social Media Integration – Major search engines like Google grant higher rankings to websites that have solid traffic from social media websites, which is a basic tool of all WordPress sites
  • Responsive websites– In a world where mobile internet traffic is growing by the day, a responsive website is today a requirement of good web design. Websites needs to look good on all devices for an excellent user experience. The WordPress Themes I use are fully responsive.
  • Image Optimization – Adding Title & Alt Tags in images is easy with WordPress. This allows me to quickly optimize your images for good SEO rankings.

There are LOADS of tools available

Another think I love about WordPress is the amount of tools and Plugins available and so far all the ones Ive used have been free! Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress and at this time there are over 48,000 available from They are easily downloaded, installed and used by most people without any use of code.

WordPress is secure

We often hear that hackers target WordPress websites and yes this is true because WordPress make up over 25% of all websites on the internet. WordPress takes security seriously. Updates from WordPress are available constantly to fix exploits that are almost always found by the WordPress community itself, making it one of the safest platforms on the internet if treated right. Almost all successful hacks of WordPress websites stem from neglect of updates.

Remember to:

  • Always use security tools my favourite is Securi
  • Only download plugins from
  • Always update your plugins and theme to the latest versions
  • Always update WordPress with its latest version

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