Lesley Clarke Web Design has just finished creating a new website for Focus on Disability.

For over twenty years David Alan Cross created and compiled a massive website full of information, advice and products for the disabled community, elderly and carers in the UK. Since his death six months ago it has been my privilege to recreate and redesign it with a fresh modern look.  I hope he would be pleased with the end result.

Website: https://focusondisability.co.uk

Focus on Disability is the most comprehensive independent not for profit website devoted and aimed to providing information, guides, products and resources for the disabled community, elderly and carers in the UK.

The site offers comprehensive information and advice on a myriad of disability and health related topics – available by using the Advice Category links, “Search Site” function or the Sitemap. All outbound links and resources have a relationship or usefulness for those people with a disability, health issues, the elderly and carers.

Content includes:

As well as the information and advice pages, the site offers access to a comprehensive selection of Disability Aids and Mobility Equipment for disabled people and the elderly and also a wide range of herbal and nutritional products and therapies for health problems.