Does your site show the dreaded “Your connection to this site is not secure” error message? Have you been putting off having as SSL Certificate on your website?

Google has been warning us that all http sites will be marked as “not secure” in the Chrome address bar.

Google marks encrypted sites with a green padlock:

And had been marking unencrypted sites with this notice:

But now they are taking it a step farther, and will be marking sites without SSL as “Not Secure.”

However, is your site really secure?

Encryption is not the same as security and sites with SSL can still get hacked and have malware.   SSL won’t stop that.  What is does do is ensure that data passed between the web server and web browsers is encrypted and remains private.

SSL won’t:

  • Block brute attacks
  • Update your site’s software with security patches
  • Scan your site for malware
  • Ensure your users have strong passwords

Even so SSL is a good thing and you definitely should have it!

Moving to https will prove highly rewarding for your website as you will benefit from greater security and heightened credibility. Your users will be far more likely to trust your website if it displays security indicators. Research has found that these provide a sense of security and reassurance to users as their personal details will be safe on your site.

How do I get SSL and then https in my address bar?

First, you have to GET the SSL certificate installed on your web host. Then you have to make sure your site USES the SSL certificate – so its a two-step process.

Getting the SSL

Many hosts have started offering SSLs for free via Let’s Encrypt and you can easily install it via your admin panel.  However some hosts require you to buy one.  Prices vary enormously.  If you are happy with your host then stick with them however as most hosts will move your site to their server for free, you should consider moving to a host that offers free SSL.

Using the SSL

Now you have the certificate installed you have to actually use it on your site.  You will need to change all your urls from http to https which can take a lot of time however some web hosts have tools to do this for you and there are a variety of plugins you can use.  My favourite is Velvet Blues Update URLs.  I will also choose the option to turn on “force SSL” if the host has it in the admin panel.

Need help with getting SSL installed?  I can help!