New website for The West Midlands Celebrant

Lesley Clarke Web Design has just finished creating a new website for The West Midlands Celebrant. Ruth Graham is an independent civil celebrant covering the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and surrounding areas. An independent celebrant is free to conduct all kinds of services. From humanist (no religion whatsoever), through to a service with maybe a prayer or a hymn (or several), through to more spiritually-orientated content. Website: Testimonial: This is the third website Lesley has created for me.  I find her really easy to work with, […]

New website for The Lichfield Players

Lesley Clarke Web Design has just finished re-designing a new website for The Lichfield Players. The Lichfield Players perform four times a year in the main auditorium and intimate studio theatre at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre. They are also very active within the local community and work closely with registered charity ‘Sense’ who provide support for deaf blind adults and children. Website: Testimonial: I have been working with Lesley to update our very old/neglected website to bring it up to date and make it mobile friendly. From the very start of […]

What does your website says about you to potential customers?

Whichever kind of website you have, whether it has been professionally designed or whether it is a DIY home-made website, it sends a clear message to any user that lands on it…. and you have the power to decide what that message is. If you go down the perilous route of making your own website and with little planning and care, there are several messages you are shouting to potential clients: That you can’t afford a decent website. This could appear to a potential customer that you don’t actually make […]

New website for Car Park Solutions Ltd

Lesley Clarke Web Design has just finished creating a new site for Car Park Solutions Ltd. Tired of vehicles parking on your land?  Take back control and issue your own tickets! Website: Testimonial: A colleague recommended Lesley Clarke Web Design to me when I was looking for a company to create my new website and I feel very happy to recommend Lesley to others. From initial consultation through to site build and going live I found the whole process much smoother than I ever anticipated and I have already […]

Will a professional website help me get new clients?

Yes it most certainly can. A friend of mine had a terrible website (not created by me… obviously!) and she used to think it didn’t matter so long as people could find her company online. If potential customers come to your website and it is old, outdated, or just looks awful, what do you think their first impression of your company is going to be? Most new customers are going to research you online – before they meet you, go to your office, or see and touch your products. If […]

How much does a website cost?

One of the first questions I am often asked when talking to a prospective new client is “How much does a website cost”? .. and if they have asked several different companies they will have received several different answers!  So why is that? Start-up fees – Initially you have costs just for existing on the web – your domain name ( or for example) and web hosting which is basically storage space for your site.  Domains are quite cheap these days – as little as £4.99 depending on the […]

New website for Dorstan Limited

Lesley Clarke Web Design has just finished creating a small business site for Dorstan Limited. They are electrical contractors based in the West Midlands and have a wide range of clients consisting of organisations in the industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural sectors. Testimonial: “We are delighted with our new website that Lesley Clarke created.  She has designed a website which is easy to navigate, impressive and that has exceeded our expectations. Lesley was a pleasure to work with and gave us advice on different aspects we needed to consider when […]

Chrome’s “Not Secure” error message has arrived

Does your site show the dreaded “Your connection to this site is not secure” error message? Have you been putting off having as SSL Certificate on your website? Google has been warning us for some time that from July 2018 all http sites will be marked as “not secure” in the Chrome address bar. Google marks encrypted sites with a green padlock: And had been marking unencrypted sites with this notice: But now they are taking it a step farther, and will be marking sites without SSL as “Not Secure.” […]

Does my small business really need a website?

Top of your to-do list should be getting a website created. If you dont have a website you will run the risk of not reaching potential customers through social media and search engines and also of driving away your current customers. Before you print a business card or spend a penny on advertising, you need to start marketing by having a website. A website helps you connect with new customers Customers want easy access to your information – If you don’t have an online presence, it’s more than likely that […]

Creating “Creative WordPress Sites”

Heres something I never thought Id say I love my job!! Becoming a freelance web designer is one of the best things Ive ever done. Every day, and every website, is different and has new challenges. By far the greatest thing of all is working with WordPress or rather creating with WordPress. Right from the start of a new job and the initial introduction to a client and their business WordPress opens up a world of possibilities – what Theme and Plugins to use, what colour palette, whats the best […]